Hi, I’m Cait. I’m an artist and mortician constantly attempting to blend my love of art with my passion for deathcare. I have self-published many comics, including Nimue and Ashborn, both nominated for Dinky Awards. I’ve also appeared in anthologies including Gothic Tales of Haunted Futures and Vote! alongside many other incredibly talented artists. Recently, I’ve also branched out into 3D mixed media art and apparel design.

I live in the PNW with my wife and our incredibly pesky felines. When I’m not making comics about hanging out with dead people, I enjoy printmaking, knitting and naps.


self portrait, april 20, 2023

Those Girls, 2022

Deep Thoughts, 2021

She came from the sapphic swamp, 2022




Artistic Collaborators (Past + Present)

Pomegranate Magazine/DC Comics/Mark O. Stack/Jordan Alsaqa/Jadzia Axlerod/Little Red Bird Press/SM Beiko/Halloween Man Comics/Ashley R. Guillory